Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression is definitely real.

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The winter season is officially here. As I sit here writing this it’s snowing in GA!

Seasonal depression is definitely real. For me it usually comes on when its rainy and cold. I find it hard to get out of bed and to be in a good mood. If you feel this way around the holidays or in the winter, you’re definitely not alone.


Once I figured out why I was feeling unmotivated, sad or alone in these situations it actually made me feel better. I realized that this feeling was totally normal and a lot of people go through it.

Because of a combination of different wellness tactics I have incorporated recently, I haven’t really experienced the usual symptoms this winter. And if you know me, this is HUGE!

What I like to do to combat season depression:

  • Choosing happiness everyday
    • This idea might sound crazy, but it has turned my life around in 2017
  • Consistent exercise
    • This season is not an excuse to forget goals. I need to sweat at least 3X a week to feel myself. This can also be a great way to connect with friends during the holidays instead of meeting up for drinks. I went to yoga¬†with my friend Liz the other day and it was a blast!
  • Choosing to have alone time rather than isolating myself
    • I love to be alone, it’s how I recharge. In the past I would isolate myself from friends which lead me to feel even sadder. Now, when I need alone time I realize I could be doing other things but I choose to recharge and have that time to myself.


Do you suffer with seasonal depression? If so, I feel you and wish you the best this season! Moral of the story-keep up with your goals & routine during this busy/stressful time of the year.

Happy Holidays!




What’s Your Focus This Holiday Season?

What’s your focus around the holidays?

Thanksgiving table

Anxiety floods in from Thanksgiving through New Years about weight gain, guilt, family stress and pressure to stay in shape over the holidays. All this pressure usually leads to an explosion. Or in this case, eating 15 Christmas cookies in one sitting…Been there.

I wanted to write a post about the stress that surrounds the holidays and guilt that ensues. In the past I’ve felt SO guilty about the holidays and that I got “off track” from being healthy.

I’ve tried to not eat as much the day before and morning of Thanksgiving because I knew I was going to overeat too much at Thanksgiving dinner.

OK 2 things here.

First off, why do we absolutely stuff ourselves to the brim during Thanksgiving? Because we have to? Because it’s just “what we do” on Thanksgiving? Tradition?

Nope, not anymore. I 100% know that I’ll want to try everything on the table, I mean, ’tis the season, but I’m gonna keep my portions under control so I don’t get over full. This one random day out of the year shouldn’t be an excuse to eat so much we feel sick.

Second thing, I’m going to stay on my usual healthy routine during the time around big holiday parties or events. Starving yourself the day before your Thanksgiving is only going to make you eat more the day of…#facts.

Side note–Please don’t feel guilty about eating a damn piece of pumpkin pie. When have you ever heard of someone gaining 50 lbs from one slice? Never. One day isn’t going to throw off progress or make you gain weight. The next day just jump back into your normal routine!

With all the stress I’m sure you’re under day-to-day, try to really enjoy the holidays and days off from work or school.

My focus this season is going to be on the ones surrounding me and what the season is truly about, love and family. The food is just the cheery on top of this time of year!

I encourage you all to focus on family and friends this year and, of course, treat yourself!


ILY & Happy Holidays,