What The Heck Is Cryotherapy?

What the heck is cryo and why is it all over my Instagram feed?

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Funny, I had the same thought.

Anyways, after I did some of my own research, I decided to try it out and hear what professionals said the benefits were.

I went to Cryo Shift and they gave me the scoop. Basically getting that cold (-90 to -120 degrees Celsius) is fantastic for inflammation in the body. Which- side note, totally makes sense because I like to rub ice over my face in the morning to reduce puffiness. Similar idea!


Anyways- Whether the inflammation comes from working out or just the wear and tare of everyday life, cryo can be beneficial for a wide variety of people. The women in the shop told me their clients range from football players to everyday working people, so it can really benefit anyone.

I don’t have a ton of chronic pain everyday but those who do swear by cryo!

Cryo Shift also had an infrared sauna and NormaTec boots. I didn’t have the time to try either but next time I go, I’m gonna do the full shebang.

Now, on to the experience:

Before the treatment you get down to your underwear put on a big robe, gloves and huge socks with furry boots. Your extremities get the coldest so they need to have extra protection. (Don’t worry, there is a little changing room & everything is clean, you’ll be given a fresh robe & socks!)

Time to face the cold! I mentally prepared, stepped in and handed my robe over. UGH, I was really hoping I could keep the robe on…

To be honest, the 3 mins in the cryo machine went by super fast. An employee is with you the entire time to monitor you and partially to distract you from the cold too, well, that’s my thought anyways. She told me to move around and basically walk in place to keep the flow going & not “feel” so cold.

After the 3 minutes, I put the robe back on and got out of there.

I felt cold to the touch but was told my internal body temp would heat up to normal temperatures very quickly, so no worries there. Also, I felt super energized! I was ready to go after those 3 minutes. I wasn’t sure if it was placebo (I’m a huge skeptic) but that was my main take away. ALL of the energy!

I read on their site that people either feel super relaxed or super energized.

I think cryo is deff worth at least trying! Especially if you are suffering from any injuries, recovering form surgery or just want to perform optimally in the gym.

If you’re local, check out Cryo Shift!

5 Mins a Day: Stretch It Out

Stretching is one thing that hasn’t been a part of my wellness routine for a while! UGH I know, horrible!

I grew up as a dancer so stretching was always a part of my daily routine. I would stretch before class, after and at home to improve flexibility. Once I started college and stopped dancing/cheer, stretching became less important for me. No need to break out a toe touch.

I would do a quick quad stretch after hitting up the gym but didn’t really think about it too much. It wasn’t until recently when I started working out more intensely that I was reminded of the importance of stretching.

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I was getting cramps all of the time and my muscles were so sore! Like not normal. I had to make a mental note to actually stay and stretch for at least 5 mins after my workout to prevent some soreness. Some if just unavoidable!

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Also, I got the opportunity to try out Motion Stretch, a professional stretching studio. Who knew that was even a thing!? They basically lay you down on a table and work on your muscles through different stretches and by pushing into the muscles. I loved it because they focus on the whole body, not just a specific muscle group (although during intake they ask if you have any specific injuries/pain they should focus on). Stretching with a professional can help prevent injury (my biggest fear) and increases elasticity. However, I will say it was very intense. I’m not sure if it’s because I have a low pain tolerance or I was just super tight. Probably both!

They told me a lot of their clients are athletes or people that just like to workout like me, but some of their clients are 9-5’ers who experience neck/back pain. So, they can help with a variety of clients.


Before I left they encouraged me to stretch at home and walked me through how that should look. What I took away- make sure your body is warmed up and start from the bottom up. So, start with calves, move up to quads, biceps/triceps, neck. You get it!

I’m really going to try and do this for at least 5 mins a day, just to feel less tight and prevent soreness.

If you want to try Motion Stretch, they have a ton of locations!

P.S. Your first stretch is free!!