25 Little Things I Find Joy In (And You Should Too)

Sometimes, it really is about the little things. As corny as that sounds.

Even though these things go unnoticed by most people, it’s important to me to relish in the small joys in life. Life is full of curve balls and things that throw off our game so I try to find happiness in life’s everyday moments.

Here are some of my favs:

  1. Iced coffee from a local coffee shop (My fav right now is Dancing Goats)
  2. Spending a bright sunny day outside
  3. Meeting a new friend that you click with right away
  4. Taking a cold shower after a sweaty workout
  5. Les Mains nail bar and their fresh designs
  6. Finding the perfect playlist for you mood
  7. A free workout class
  8. Waking up late on a Saturday morning and cuddling
  9. When your computer is fully charged when you open it up for the day
  10. Getting lost in a book and loosing track of time
  11. A perfectly ripe avocado
  12. Random dance breaks in the living room
  13. Reading old journey entries
  14. Listing to a podcast in the car (been into true crime lately)
  15. Making a baby smile in public
  16. Laughing so hard you cry
  17. Looking through old family photos
  18. Eating fresh food & herbs from my garden
  19. When my smoothie is the percent consistency
  20. Sitting in silence with a good friend and not feeling awkward
  21. Making conversation with a stranger in public
  22. Electrolyte water
  23. Randomly getting flowers (either for myself or as a gift!)
  24. Cleaning out my closet
  25. A good back crack

These are just some small & random things that bring me joy. I’d love to hear what you guys find joy in the comments. ­čÖé

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My Favorite Podcasts & Why They Should Be Yours Too

Here’s the list of my favorite podcasts & why they should be yours too!

If you’re thinking, ‘what the heck is a podcast?’ you need to get with the program! Podcasts are blowing up right now and have so much free info, they’re a great resource. If you know me at all, I’m constant listening to podcasts, some for fun and some that are more informational.

My subscription list is full of health, wellness and beauty shows and some that are just for fun! If you’ve never listened for yourself or want some new suggestions, here is a list of my 7 favorites (in no particular order):

The Balanced Blonde Podcast//Soul On Fire

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I am compliantly obsessed with anything Jordan Younger AKA, The Balanced Blonde. On the pod she openly discusses her yoga, spirituality and health journeys and how she tries to maintain the most┬ábalanced life she can. Jordan also has some primo guests like the CEO of Primal Kitchen, Jeannette Oldgen (@Shutthekaleup), Gabby Bernstein and Rachel Mansfield (@Rachlmansfield). If you don’t know these health/wellness gurus, no worries, Jordan dives deep with them and gets their whole story. I love all of the positivity this podcast brings me and I have definitely begun my own spiritual journey thanks to Jordan!

Juicy Scoop


Heather McDonald brings ALL of the Hollywood juicy gossip! She’s got awesome celebrity guests who bring exclusive scoop in every episode. Plus, she recaps all of the Housewives drama and is bffs with some, talk about getting the juicy scoop! If you love Bravo, celeb gossip and juicy dating stories, Juicy Scoop is for you!

How I Built This

how I built

Ever wonder how some of the biggest businesses got their start? Guy Raz interviews those business owners and they dish on how they literally built it! You can find Kendra Scott, Airbnb, Instagram and other HUGE company stories here. It’s totally inspiring and reassuring that these people had a ton of failures at first too.

That’s So Retrograde


I love this podcast because it’s 2 bffs living in California talking about their regular lives and how they try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. They keep it real and make health/spirituality/wellness very approachable, as it can be overwhelming to understand.

The LadyGang


Ugh, what a trio! Becca Tobin, Keltie Knight and Jac Vanek are #GirlBosses in their own right and they host fabulous celebrity guests along with health & fitness practitioners to give us some bomb insider advice. I recently got my hormones tested from a ┬ádoctor who was on the show…post coming soon about that.

These girls keep it real and aren’t afraid to ask the experts your burning questions! They do a great job of incorporating their community (The Lady Gang) into each episode.

The Skinny Confidential Him & Her


Lauren Everts and her serial entrepreneur hubby, Michael, host this show! Lauren runs the blog The Skinny Confidential (my obsession). Her goal is to make celebrity beauty, fitness and health trends available to anyone. Along with Michael, they discuss how to start your own business and go into depth about marketing/branding, which personally I love. Whether you’re looking for some advice on how to start your own business or want to know the latest celebrity skin secret, check out this pod!

Straight Up With Stassi


What can I say? I’m obsessed with Vanderpump Rules and Stassi Schroeder. Every time I listen I feel like I’m listening to best friend chat about her life. She keeps it real and isn’t afraid to discuss her very personal life. This is the podcast I turn on when I just need a good time!


Let me know if you listen to any of these and which I should check out next!






P.S. If you don’t know how to listen, search “Podcasts” on your iPhone and the app should come up! All are free to download and you can listen online as well, check out the links above.

I Am So Over Everyone Glorifying Lazy Culture

I’m over our culture glorifying laziness.

If I see one more tweet like “Binge watching Netflix to avoid all responsibilities!!” I think I’m gonna scream! Why do people glorify these statements? I rather praise someone for making it to the gym after a long and stressful day at work. But I guess that’s not so #relatable…

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It makes me sad to see people wasting hours of their days on mindless things and then later complaining about how stressed they are because of their mile long to-do lists.

I get a lot of questions on how I find the time to workout, cook, have a full time job, blog and be in a relationship. Well I have the answer people…

Utilize your time wisely.

24 hours

Sorry to be basic with the quote (yet again) but it’s true! My life shifted when I got off my ass and started using all of my time productively.

Ask yourself-– What are you getting done before work? What about after? Are you wasting your weekends by “recovering” from the stressful week you just had? Do you feel like you have no time for your passions?

These are hard questions to answer, especially after we recognize how much time we are wasting by avoiding all responsibilities.

Personally I do a couple things everyday to optimize my time.

Workout before work

Get it in before the sun comes up! You’ll have one HUGE task checked off your to-do list before you even really begin the day. Stop complaining about waking up early and just do it already.

Prioritize your day

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was to stop making my to-do list so damn long! I used to just write down everything and try to do it all in one day. Of course I couldn’t do it… who could?! This left me feeling anxious and like I didn’t get anything accomplished. It’s more important for your mental health and productivity to focus on a few things.

Lunch and learn

I try to listen to podcasts during my lunch break. This is a time for me to disconnect from work and learn a thing or two as well. Productivity at it’s finest, ladies.

Get it in after work

The worst thing you can do is come home from work and just plop onto the couch. (Trust me I know it’s tempting.) Use this time to work on your side hustle, spend quality time with your partner, or get the chores done that you’ve been avoiding for a week. I love to plan out my nights so I can resist the urge to fall down the Netflix trap.

Use your weekends wisely

Stress has such a tight grip on all of us, so weekends should be for relaxing! I also set aside time to get ahead of the week. For me, I get some housework done, grocery shop, meal prep and work on the blog. It’s all about finding the balance that works right for you.


I hope these tips will help you to find more time in your day for your passions and motivate you to be more productive! Let’s end this trend of glorifying laziness and get productive!