Latest Obsession: ClassPass + Studio Reviews

If you’ve been on my Instagram lately, you know I’ve been obsessed with ClassPass

If you’ve been on my Instagram lately, you know I’ve been obsessed with ClassPass…All I do is post stories about the new studios I try. Gotta let the people know!

First off, what is ClassPass?

“ClassPass is a membership program for fitness classes across multiple gyms and studios.” -Straight from CP.

Basically it gives you access to fitness studios in your area without having to buy multiple memberships to those studios. One pass, endless options.

Previously, I had a membership to Cyclebar spin studio & a gym membership at Crunch. I found myself not utilizing the amount of classes I was purchasing at Cyclebar. So, instead of spending so much money for one fitness studio that I wasn’t going to enough, I decided to try ClassPass. I wanted to try a bunch of the studios I had been seeing online and diversify my routine.

So far I have tried 6 different studios. Below is a little taste of each and my review:


I have been in love with Cyclebar since last June, right after I moved back to GA after college. I was instantly obsessed after my first class because of the vibe! The instructors are so fun, the music is great and the staff is so accommodating. I love taking my friends and (dragging) Patrick sometimes. Just your classic spin class, with an added arm song and awesome music. They have a ton of locations around the country so check them out for sure.

If you’ve never tried cycling, I’d highly suggest it. It is my go-to workout when I need to get my sweat on.

Pure Barre

I’d obviously heard about PB many many times but never actually took a class. Honestly, I thought it would be easy and not really challenge me. Yikes, I was wrong! Lifting 2 lb weights is easy until you do the same plus for 25 reps…I feel the burn. The classes are usually filled with young moms so I don’t find the studio intimidating, I kinda like that aspect!

If you want a really sweaty sesh, try something else. You’ll get a great toning workout in but not be dripping after.


OK… This has been my one bad experience through ClassPass. This was a suggested studio on CP because I entered that I enjoy barre & TRX. I signed up for the TRX class and unfortunately the whole experience was just off for me. I didn’t find the class challenging and the format was just strange so it felt weird the whole time and couldn’t get a good workout in… On to the next!



OMG I’m obsessed! Forme is a barre-like studio with cardio dance elements incorporated. I enjoy FORME over a Pure Barre style class, although they are very similar, because FORME has amazing music and fun cardio bursts that really get me sweaty.

Every instructor I have tried is SO fun and I end up chatting with them after class, which I love. The instructors really make the experience at fitness studios and that is definitely the case here!

Stellar Bodies

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Admittedly, I found out about the Stellar brand from their Instagram…talk about Insta goals. Then, I knew I had to try it out when I found out my fav instructor at Cyclebar, Katie, taught there too!

Stellar is a pilates & strength class that uses the Megaformer. So, you have to engage your abs at all times even if you are doing legs or you’ll literally fall off. I’m always super focused because I don’t want to embarrass myself and fly off in front of everyone, HA!

This class is by no means easy but the instructors are great about giving modifications- which, at this time, I always take. This class is different from anything I have EVER done and that’s why I enjoy it so much. It not only challenges my body (talk about the shakes) but my mind as well because all the moves are new.



Fit9 is the sister studio to Stellar, so I had to give it a whirl. I went for the first time a while ago with The Fit Atlanta. The class is broken up into 4 parts: Skillmill HIIT circuits, weight training, Skillmill skills (lateral jumps, sled push) and boxing! The Skillmill is a curved treadmill and the speed is all dependent on you. If you run faster the machine moves to your speed. It is definitely tricky at first because you feel like you’re a little out of control, but I got the hang of it after my first class.

Fit9 is one of my favs because it’s broken up which makes the time go by fast and its easier to push myself for 15 minutes in each section then for 60 minutes straight. I get a burst of motivation when we change activities!


If you want to try ClassPass use my link for $40 off your first month! Let me know what fitness studios you love and which I should try next!




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What I’ve Been Loving Lately

I cannot believe that September is over–scratch that–I can’t believe how fast this year is flying by. Cliché, I know. September was a whirl wind month, but was also filled with some new things and favorites that I HAVE to share.

It’s officially fall and I want to say I’m all aboard the pumpkin spice train, but I just can’t get into it yet! It’s still 90 degrees outside so I’ll be taking my pumpkin spice lattes on ice until further notice. I’ve actually been loving making my own healthy version of the classic PSL at home.

Here’s the recipe:

  • 8 oz iced coffee
  • 4 oz of almond milk
  • 1/4 cup of organic canned pumpkin
  • Sprinkle of pumpkin pie spice & cinnamon
  • A dash of nutmeg 😉
  • Ice

Blend it up and you’ve got a healthier & WAY cheaper PSL!

*And if you want to make it a protein shake, add a 1/2 of a frozen banana and only 4 oz of iced coffee.

My next fav is Athleta! They have great community events in each store where you can meet fun and like minded people, plus get a little shopping in too. I went to a Piloboxing (Pilates +Boxing) class at the Avalon location hosted by local fitness influencer, @FitLifeWithFran. I wasn’t expecting to get a real workout because it was a free event, but, girl, I was SWEATING!


The best part was I got put on their email list and was invited to shop their fall sale early!

Here’s what I got at the sale:


This month I got my hormones tested (post coming soon) and I found out my adrenals get very fatigued and my cortisol levels, the stress hormone, could use some work. And a lot of this stems from me doing too many intense workouts with not enough time to rest.

So, I’ve been trying to practice what I preach and listen to my body. For example, I took a HIIT class at the UFC gym by my house the other day and my body was the sorest I think I’ve legit ever been! I had all of my workouts planned out for the rest of the week and usually I would have just pushed through and suffered even more, but my body was screaming “No, no, no!” It’s hard for me to do this because I feel guilty about not working out multiple days in a row, but I know it’s better for me in the long run to give my body rest.

Image result for purely elizabeth probiotic granola

Also, I finally gave in and tried Purely Elizabeth granola. I’m not gonna lie, it’s pretty pricey, but I do think it’s worth it. Knowing how expensive it is honestly helps with the portion control aspect! The granola I tried is infused with probiotics and all of their products are gluten free and free from artificial sugars. Investing in good quality products will be worth it in the long run! You can order it here.


My last latest obsession lately is organic and toxic free skin care! I’m taking the whole “non-toxic life” transition slow. So far I’ve only replaced the products I have run out of. It’s ok to take it slow and not jump right into something. All of these products are very affordable, which was a nice surprise…see being healthy and using good products doesn’t have to break the bank.

Here’s what I’ve been loving:

If you’re curious how “clean” your beauty products are check this website. 


Hit me up in the comments on what you’ve been loving this month and what I should try next!



My Top Simple Wellness Tips

Hey peeps! 

Here are some of my fav simple tips to make your day just a dash healthier.

Fats, fats and more fats

I used to be so scared of fats and oils! To me, fat in equaled fat on.

All of a sudden I kept seeing all of my favorite wellness Instagramers using ghee on everything, eating ½ an avocado at a time and making Bulletproof coffee every day. So, I decided to do research and eventually tried incorporating more fats into my diet.

Since I changed that mindset of fat being “bad” and eating more healthy fats,  I started noticing my body really transform.

Now, I am fuller for longer and this is big for me because I’m a huge snacker!




I was always the girl in the gym who would workout and somehow barely sweat. And when you’re working your tail off it’s pretty frustrating.

Then I started experimenting with HIIT because, like I said, I love to play around in the gym and try new things.

HIIT is one of the only workouts that get me sweating like crazy! Plus, you don’t have to be in the gym for hours on end (such a plus). Getting a killer workout in just 30 mins is the best feeling ever.

HIIT is another reason my body started to change. Getting my heart rate up and constantly shocking my body with new moves really works for me. Love it!



Bringing your lunch

A tip for your body and wallet!

When you don’t pack your lunch for the office or school, you might have the best intentions to choose a healthy option, but peer pressure is a real thing. Often times spur of the moment choices are not the best for us.

I love to bring my lunch so I can have complete control over what I’m putting in my body and don’t have ragrets.

Warm lemon water

What an amazing way to start the day. I warm up a mug full of water and squeeze a ½ lemon every single morning, no matter what. For me, this takes precedent over coffee. Psycho? Maybe.

Side note – I should probably invest in a lemon squeezer but somehow I can’t bring myself to spend the $10.

Warm lemon water gets your metabolism & digestion going right when you wake up. I’ll try basically anything to aid my digestion. My morning cocktail flushes the digestive system and rehydrates the body and I feel more flat, which doesn’t hurt!

You’re hydrated, you’re doing good for your body, you’re glowing!


Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard! That is what A Dash of nutMeg is all about!

Making small changes and implementing little tips and tricks will add up over time.

Keep it simple and consistent. You’ve got this!!


Share your fav simple health tips with me in the comment section, I’d love to hear from you!