25 Little Things I Find Joy In (And You Should Too)

Sometimes, it really is about the little things. As corny as that sounds.

Even though these things go unnoticed by most people, it’s important to me to relish in the small joys in life. Life is full of curve balls and things that throw off our game so I try to find happiness in life’s everyday moments.

Here are some of my favs:

  1. Iced coffee from a local coffee shop (My fav right now is Dancing Goats)
  2. Spending a bright sunny day outside
  3. Meeting a new friend that you click with right away
  4. Taking a cold shower after a sweaty workout
  5. Les Mains nail bar and their fresh designs
  6. Finding the perfect playlist for you mood
  7. A free workout class
  8. Waking up late on a Saturday morning and cuddling
  9. When your computer is fully charged when you open it up for the day
  10. Getting lost in a book and loosing track of time
  11. A perfectly ripe avocado
  12. Random dance breaks in the living room
  13. Reading old journey entries
  14. Listing to a podcast in the car (been into true crime lately)
  15. Making a baby smile in public
  16. Laughing so hard you cry
  17. Looking through old family photos
  18. Eating fresh food & herbs from my garden
  19. When my smoothie is the percent consistency
  20. Sitting in silence with a good friend and not feeling awkward
  21. Making conversation with a stranger in public
  22. Electrolyte water
  23. Randomly getting flowers (either for myself or as a gift!)
  24. Cleaning out my closet
  25. A good back crack

These are just some small & random things that bring me joy. I’d love to hear what you guys find joy in the comments. 🙂

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Seasonal Depression

Seasonal depression is definitely real.

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The winter season is officially here. As I sit here writing this it’s snowing in GA!

Seasonal depression is definitely real. For me it usually comes on when its rainy and cold. I find it hard to get out of bed and to be in a good mood. If you feel this way around the holidays or in the winter, you’re definitely not alone.


Once I figured out why I was feeling unmotivated, sad or alone in these situations it actually made me feel better. I realized that this feeling was totally normal and a lot of people go through it.

Because of a combination of different wellness tactics I have incorporated recently, I haven’t really experienced the usual symptoms this winter. And if you know me, this is HUGE!

What I like to do to combat season depression:

  • Choosing happiness everyday
    • This idea might sound crazy, but it has turned my life around in 2017
  • Consistent exercise
    • This season is not an excuse to forget goals. I need to sweat at least 3X a week to feel myself. This can also be a great way to connect with friends during the holidays instead of meeting up for drinks. I went to yoga with my friend Liz the other day and it was a blast!
  • Choosing to have alone time rather than isolating myself
    • I love to be alone, it’s how I recharge. In the past I would isolate myself from friends which lead me to feel even sadder. Now, when I need alone time I realize I could be doing other things but I choose to recharge and have that time to myself.


Do you suffer with seasonal depression? If so, I feel you and wish you the best this season! Moral of the story-keep up with your goals & routine during this busy/stressful time of the year.

Happy Holidays!




Choosing Happiness

My road to choosing happiness and ending my pity party.

Everyone always says “happiness is a choice.”

*Eye roll*

Until recently I literally thought these people were off their rockers. They never had to deal with anything in their lives and that’s why they could say that. Basically accusing me of “choosing to be sad!”


“I can’t control my feelings.”

“I’m so sad and can’t stop crying.”

“I feel depressed and can’t even imagine what happy feels like right now.”

All things thought by me…probably multiple times along with much worse. One wrong move would send my whole day south.


Recently, what I’ve come to learn is that what you put out into the world is what you get back. (The universe or something like that?)

Everyday we all have the choice to wake up and decide if we are going to have a good day or a bad one.

Now, I consciously choose to have good days!!

Don’t get me wrong, life ain’t easy, but I do what I can.


Instead of feeling sorry for myself, now I think ‘how can I improve this situation?’

Instead of thinking the world has it out for me when I fail, I choose to think of new ways to succeed.

Gone are the days where I have a bad moment and then have a bad rest of the day! Bye, girl!


Why waste your life living in a constant state of numbness just waiting for the next mini disaster? I think we all can feel comfortable in negativity sometimes. It’s so much easier to just slip into that depressed state. But that is no way to live a fulfilling life!

Replace your negative self talk with positivity and your life will change.

I choose joy.

Every day I choose to make the best out of the situations thrown at me.

I choose happiness.