Why I Write “The Morning Pages”

Why I Started “The Morning Pages”

My morning routine is sacred. It is by far my favorite part of the day. Wake up, open the blinds, workout, get ready and have some alone time before the craziness begins. Now my morning routine, no matter what, includes The Morning Pages.

So, what the heck are The Morning Pages?Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

This idea comes from the book The Artist’s Way, which admittedly I have not read. The Morning Pages are three pages of stream of consciousness writing. Every. Single. Morning.

They don’t have to be organized in any way, or about a specific topic. They are more of a brain dump. I’ve always been a journal-er but in the past it was just a way for me to express my personal feelings, not to spark ideas.

Meant to inspire creativity and move through a block, I think The Morning Pages can be beneficial for everyone. It is kinda like thinking through your day before actually jump in.


The first day I wasn’t really sure where the writing exercise would bring me and I kinda just wrote a stream of consciousness about how I was feeling that day. Through the next couple of days I got more used to writing the three pages and found I was inspiring myself. I thought of blog ideas, worked through feelings and gave myself props for what I had accomplished and that felt good. I really make an effort to to be negative when writing them to start my day on the right foot.IMG_3070.jpg

Now I can’t go a day without The Morning Pages. I am a habits driven person for sure which keeps me accountable. I like a structure, ok?

Only one rule: Write three pages every day.

I challenge you to try it and see what ideas spark!




Summer Sun Safety Tips

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This time of year we all LOVE to be outside and feel the warmth on our skin. I’m with you, sister. But…staying safe in the summer is so important. The sun is dangerous, can cause cancer and age you! No thanks!

Not sure about you but I’ve been on the anti-wrinkle train recently. Yes, I’m only 23 but it’s all about prevention! I want to prevent sun damage while I can before it come irreversible. Make sense? I want to be a milf one day…is that so much to ask?

Now that summer is upon us I’ve got a few summer sun safety tips to use everyday or on your summer vacay.

  • Avoid the Sun (duh)

There are a few layers to this one. On the day-to-day I try my best to avoid the sun by walking in the shade, sitting in the shade while on my lunch break outside, and wearing sunglasses as much as I can. Small pockets of time add up when it comes to sun exposure. Just be conscious of avoiding the sun can help to make this change.

  • Daily Facial Sunscreen

I am so not a fan of liquid sunscreens that go on before makeup. I feel like they make me so oily and my foundation just slips off. I found this and I can just brush it on top of  my makeup. It goes on clear for me so I kinda think of it as a setting powder. In the summer this is a daily necessity.


  • SPF in Makeup

Skip a step and get a foundation with SPF! Just be careful if you’re going to use flash photography. I use this brand!

it cos

  • Good Sunscreen Brands

We’re getting specific here. Recently my friend introduced me to the brand Alba. Not only is it good for sensitive skin, it’s vegetarian, made without sulfates and coral reef safe! Perfect for all your summer get aways. It’s important to me to use natural brands in my beauty routine as much as I can and this includes sunscreen. I will be purchasing shortly!!


  • After Sun Care

So let’s say you do end up getting a sun burn this summer. Bummer! This homemade after sun lotion is so soothing and will help with the pain and irritation. But let’s try and avoid that with the above tips, ok?

after sun

Stay after out there this summer!!




Why I Use Natural Deodorant

“Natural deodorant? So, do you smell…?”

Photo from Fresh Mommy Blog
Photo from Fresh Mommy Blog

I’m no doctor but I do know that conventional deodorants are filled with chemicals and aluminum. Putting that stuff on your pits (aka clogging up your pores) and not allowing you to sweat is a no-no.

Honesty hour- I have had a deodorant journey…as weird as it sounds. During puberty I was over producing sweat under my pits and tried antiperspirant to stop sweating so much. This was something that made me super self conscious. Luckily, I grew out of it and could get by with using Secret for years.

About a year ago when I started to learn more about natural beauty products, I decided to try a natural DO for the first time. I had done some reading and did not like what I found. I keep thinking, ‘Why are we all putting a chemical barrier over a part of our bodies that should naturally be releasing toxins?’

So- from there I bough my first natural DO! I decided to use it every other day, swapping it with Secret so my body could get used to it. After about 2 weeks I went all in. Soon I discovered I had this weird rash under my arms, caused by the natural DO. A lot of these products have baking soda in them and I think thats what did me in.

I was ashamed of my rash and quickly discarded the deodorant and haven’t tried a new one until recently… I know, such a long time!

I picked up Tom’s at Whole Foods and have really been enjoying it! I have been reapplying after about 8 hours of wear. This should decrease over time, too. Moral of the story, it might take a few tries to get a natural DO that works for you.


Do you wear natural DO?




Happy & Healthy Wedding Prep Tips

How I stayed happy & healthy while wedding planning.

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So, if you don’t know…I’m getting married March 10! As we are winding down the wedding planning and the day approaches, I wanted to reflect on the engagement season and share how I stayed happy & healthy.

One thing that I purposely committed to while planning our wedding was to not be a Bridezilla. Is there anything worse?

OK- Truthfully, I had one moment where I freaked out, but only one, I feel like thats pretty good! (Sorry, Patrick)

Here are some of my tips that really kept me grounded and feeling great during planning:

The To-Do List

The one thing that has helped me the most is my master to-do list. I have it broken down by month. So, from the month we got engaged (April) all the way through March, everything is broken down by the month. I got so detailed that I put in which month I needed to buy my shoes and order table numbers! You might think this is overboard  but this has helped me keep the stress level to a minimum. I did not look ahead, I kept up with the current month, which kept the planning seem more reasonable.

Saying “No” To Crash Diets


Yes, I’m trying to tone up a little bit and reduce bloat leading up to the big day but, I am not trying to drop 15 pounds in the next month. Plus, when has that ever worked anyways?

I’m on a workout plan for the gym and have been upping my trips to fitness classes as well. Although, I’m trying not to stress too much about this. I love the way I look in my dress and don’t see the need in crash dieting. I know I’m never going to be a size 2, so I’m working with what I’ve got!

Asking For Help

Remember that to-do list I mentioned? Yeah, it’s really long! I have been leaning on those around me for help, which has helped my stress levels so much. One big thing here is that you really have to trust them and not micromanage. Relax, if your mom can make an appointment of 2 for you, thats one small thing off of your plate, enjoy it!

Quality Time With The Groom


I have really been trying to not make every conversation with Patrick around the wedding. Although, I totally could. At the end of the day, the wedding is not about the flowers or the cake, it’s about a relationship, so we have been trying to focus on that.


I hope these tips can help all the brides out there of if you’re planning any sort of event. Finals words- Take a chill pill!!! Relax, everything is going to come together.

Have any other tips for me? Leave them in the comments!




Being Authentic

Being someone else is SO boring.

Being someone else is SO boring.

Sometimes we all fall into the trap of changing ourselves to be like those around us to fit in.

Who in their right mind wants to be just like everyone else? God, it’s so BORING! Personally, I don’t want to wear the same $100 top as everyone else just because it’s the newest thing that will make other girls “like” me.

Although, hindsight is 20/20. We’ve all been there. Luckily, I have found some friends along the way that showed me it’s ok to truly express myself and that those are the type of people you actually want in your life. And I hope I can do that for you too.

Your “cool factor” does not depend on what you wear, how you look or how many Instagram followers you have. What is something that you love about yourself even if it’s not “cool” to some people? Do you love to paint? Love to thrift? Find something about yourself that is unique and embrace it!

Fitting in is so overrated.