What The Heck Is Cryotherapy?

What the heck is cryo and why is it all over my Instagram feed?

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Funny, I had the same thought.

Anyways, after I did some of my own research, I decided to try it out and hear what professionals said the benefits were.

I went to Cryo Shift and they gave me the scoop. Basically getting that cold (-90 to -120 degrees Celsius) is fantastic for inflammation in the body. Which- side note, totally makes sense because I like to rub ice over my face in the morning to reduce puffiness. Similar idea!


Anyways- Whether the inflammation comes from working out or just the wear and tare of everyday life, cryo can be beneficial for a wide variety of people. The women in the shop told me their clients range from football players to everyday working people, so it can really benefit anyone.

I don’t have a ton of chronic pain everyday but those who do swear by cryo!

Cryo Shift also had an infrared sauna and NormaTec boots. I didn’t have the time to try either but next time I go, I’m gonna do the full shebang.

Now, on to the experience:

Before the treatment you get down to your underwear put on a big robe, gloves and huge socks with furry boots. Your extremities get the coldest so they need to have extra protection. (Don’t worry, there is a little changing room & everything is clean, you’ll be given a fresh robe & socks!)

Time to face the cold! I mentally prepared, stepped in and handed my robe over. UGH, I was really hoping I could keep the robe on…

To be honest, the 3 mins in the cryo machine went by super fast. An employee is with you the entire time to monitor you and partially to distract you from the cold too, well, that’s my thought anyways. She told me to move around and basically walk in place to keep the flow going & not “feel” so cold.

After the 3 minutes, I put the robe back on and got out of there.

I felt cold to the touch but was told my internal body temp would heat up to normal temperatures very quickly, so no worries there. Also, I felt super energized! I was ready to go after those 3 minutes. I wasn’t sure if it was placebo (I’m a huge skeptic) but that was my main take away. ALL of the energy!

I read on their site that people either feel super relaxed or super energized.

I think cryo is deff worth at least trying! Especially if you are suffering from any injuries, recovering form surgery or just want to perform optimally in the gym.

If you’re local, check out Cryo Shift!

Up Your Snacking Game

It’s time to up your snacking game!

I recently partnered with Wasa to try out their new Gluten free crisp breads and I wanted you guys to know that all opinions are my own! I’d never want to lead you down the wrong (or not tasty) path.


Anyways–I’ve mentioned before that I’m a recovering snack-aholic but sometimes I just need a crunch. My favorite snacks are simple, delicious and healthy. I mean can you ask for more?

What I love about Wasa is that the crackers are a blank canvas and are the perfect vehicle for adding fun toppings. Here are 3 different snack options I came up with:


  1. Tuna
    1. Mix tuna with spicy brown mustard & Primal Kitchen mayo
    2. Top with cherry tomatoes
  2. Honey + Fruit
    1. Drizzle honey
    2. Top with your fav fruit of the moment
  3. Hummas
    1. I used Hope hummus but just spread your fav on top


My fav was the honey and strawberries. What a PERFECT summer snack!

I can’t wait to try more of their flavors because these were so good! Sometimes gluten free can taste like cardboard, not gonna lie, but I really liked these. I’ll definitely be sharing these recipes with my friends at some summer parties we have coming up.

Check your local Whole Foods or Publix to pick them up! I’d love to see what recipe creations you came up with too 🙂




How To Grocery Shop

I’ve been getting some questions on how I grocery shop, what to look for and how to know which items in the store are actually healthy.

There are a lot of products out there that are labeled as “healthy” but are filled with added sugar and a million fake ingredients just to keep the calories or fat down.

I have a few tricks up my sleeve for when I grocery shop and I’m excited to share them with you!

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It’s all about the ingredients

OMG I cannot express this more! This is my #1 tip for buying food. If you go to your cabinet right now and check the labels you will be shocked how many products have added sugar (although could be read as corn syrup, dextrose, maltodextrin and a ton of other sneaky scientific names). My go- to rule is if I cannot pronounce something in the ingredients or if there is sugar in the ingredient list, I put it back. This will change the way you shop!

For example- one day I decided to look at the ingredient list of the pasta sauce that I liked. Low and behold….sugar was in the ingredients. It’s beyond me as to why pasta sauce need sugar. So from then on I decided to literally check everything because you never know!

Shop the perimeter

When I shop I stick to the outside perimeter of the store. That’s your produce, meat, dairy. The produce section is where you should be spending the majority of your time and what the majority of your cart should consist of.

Of course you’ll have to venture into the isles for certain things. Siete tortilla chips, almond butter, the pasta sauce. But, don’t casually stroll up and down every isle, make a plan, grab what you need and get out of there! This tip is also a huge time saver.

Go with a game-plan

I always make a grocery list. I stick to my list about 90%… if there is a new product I want to try out or if I forget something I’ll pick it up, of course.

The way I craft my list is by first going through the things I get every week, eggs, salad mix, Rx bars etc. Might sound dumb but I like to write that stuff down. From there I will add the ingredients I need for the recipes I’ve chosen for the week (usually 2 or 3 recipes).

If you guys want me to write a post on how I pick recipes online let me know!


When in doubt, stick to whole foods

Something I’ve been trying to incorporate recently is snacking on fruits & veggies and less processed snacks. So, in the store I’m always trying new veggies for snacks. So far my favs have been celery, baby carrots, oranges and zucchini. My June intention was actually to stop snacking so damn much. It’s truly my downfall! I can proudly say my snacking has way improved with this tip & some self control.

Carry reusable bags

It’s 2018 people, using reusable bags should be the norm. Instead of using 20+ plastic bags every week, I take 4-5 reusable bags with me. I keep them in my car so I’m always prepared.

I actually got reusable produce bags for Christmas last year and I’m obsessed. I take the reusable bag thing a step further and use cloth bags for my fruits and veggies.


Grocery shopping should be a priority for you if you want to live a healthy life or make a change. The food you have in your pantry & fridge is vital!! It’s up to you to choose healthy things to stock your home and buy good ingredients for recipes.


What are some of your pantry staples? Let a girl know!




Why I Use Natural Deodorant

“Natural deodorant? So, do you smell…?”

Photo from Fresh Mommy Blog
Photo from Fresh Mommy Blog

I’m no doctor but I do know that conventional deodorants are filled with chemicals and aluminum. Putting that stuff on your pits (aka clogging up your pores) and not allowing you to sweat is a no-no.

Honesty hour- I have had a deodorant journey…as weird as it sounds. During puberty I was over producing sweat under my pits and tried antiperspirant to stop sweating so much. This was something that made me super self conscious. Luckily, I grew out of it and could get by with using Secret for years.

About a year ago when I started to learn more about natural beauty products, I decided to try a natural DO for the first time. I had done some reading and did not like what I found. I keep thinking, ‘Why are we all putting a chemical barrier over a part of our bodies that should naturally be releasing toxins?’

So- from there I bough my first natural DO! I decided to use it every other day, swapping it with Secret so my body could get used to it. After about 2 weeks I went all in. Soon I discovered I had this weird rash under my arms, caused by the natural DO. A lot of these products have baking soda in them and I think thats what did me in.

I was ashamed of my rash and quickly discarded the deodorant and haven’t tried a new one until recently… I know, such a long time!

I picked up Tom’s at Whole Foods and have really been enjoying it! I have been reapplying after about 8 hours of wear. This should decrease over time, too. Moral of the story, it might take a few tries to get a natural DO that works for you.


Do you wear natural DO?




My Project Comeback

The post wedding bod is real! This is my comeback.

The post wedding bod is real! Prior to my wedding, I dieted down to look fab in my dress and in a bikini for the honeymoon. Once the dress was off and I was in Mexico, I went a little overboard in the other direction…

I treated myself: margaritas, lots of chips & guac and dessert! One night I felt so sick from all of the greasy food I couldn’t get out of bed. My body just wasn’t used to all the crap! Whoops. 

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Probably the only healthy meal I ate in Mexico!

Ok, so maybe I went a little overboard, hence the intense stomach ache…

For once in my life I legitimately did not care about the calories I was eating or concerned about making it to the gym. It was a break I didn’t even know I needed.

For months and months leading up to the wedding I had been thinking about every single thing I ate and drank. I was mentally maxed out and needed some time to chill with the dieting.

Fast forward to now. Back to the 9-5 job and back on my health/wellness grind.

After the honeymoon, I didn’t jump right into working out 5X a week. I started off slow for about a week or so. Going on walks, doing simple body weight exercises and slowly getting back into a routine. I didn’t dive back in because, honestly, I didn’t have the motivation.

Now, about 2 weeks post honeymoon I am back into my routine. What really pushed me was that my jeans were getting a little too tight! Thats when you know you’ve gotta turn it around…

ClassPass is in full swing and I’m back to eating healthy meals as well.

Another thing that has helped me on my Project Comeback is getting back into my healthy morning routine. So doing simple things like, drinking water before coffee and taking my multi-vitamin. This sets up my whole day to be successful and puts me into a more healthy mindset!

Having a routine is important because when you need a mental or physical break from the gym you have healthy habits to jump back into.


I wanted to share the beginning of my project comeback after my wedding & honeymoon  to be real with you guys. I’m not perfect. After my vacation I couldn’t get back into my routine so quickly, and thats ok. Taking a mental break from dieting is important and moving more towards a balanced life is now my goal.