The Perfect Post Workout Green Smoothie

The perfect (and green) post workout smoothie! This combination will keep you full and have your blood sugar in check.

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I’m super excited to share my favorite post workout smoothie!! I’ve always been a smoothie gal, but now I have perfected my recipe.

First things first, my number one tip for smoothies is from nutritionist, Kelly Leveck (a wellness goddess) of Be Well By Kelly.

The Fab Four: Protein, fat, fiber and greens. 

Notice there is no fruit in the Fab Four. I was shook!!!

I used to make the mistake of cramming my blender full of fruit when making smoothies. I didn’t realize that if you’re consuming that much sugar after a workout, you’re semi missing the point of the protein shake. Adding that much sugar will spike your blood sugar which will cause a crash later. Getting proper protein absorption is so important after a good sweaty sesh!

Funny enough, I don’t really even miss it. It still tastes bomb with less/no fruit, so might as well leave it out!

Anyways onto the recipe:

Post Workout Green Smoothie

  • Handful of spinach
  • 1/2 scoop of green powder
  • 1/2 frozen banana
  • 1 scoop of pea protein powder
  • 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 1 Tbsp of chia seeds
  • 1-2 Tbsp almond butter
    • *Sometimes I add almond butter as a topping and don’t blend it up

Add everything together and blend away! I usually eat mine with a spoon because it’s sooo thick and creamy!

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Non-Toxic Blowout in Atlanta

The best non toxic blowout in ATL + a discount code for you!

I’ve been getting into non-toxic & organic beauty and body products recently. We should all care just as much about what we put on our bodies as what we put in them. Although it is easier said then done when making the switch…

I decided when I run out of the products I’m currently using I’m going to at least try out a natural version.

As of now, I’ve changed up: my deodorant, some skincare, body lotion and shampoo to more natural options.

When Bilgah, from the Bilgah Moka Salon, reached out to me about coming in for one of her signature sustainable blowouts, I said “oh hell yes!” Totally up my new natural alley.

Before my apt, I did a little research. I found that she uses only non toxic products. And it’s definitely the only sustainable hair spa I’ve ever heard of!

Processed with VSCO with g3 presetSo I get there for my appointment and let me just set the scene.

Imagine a day spa. Soothing music, essential oils diffusing, tea and fresh flowers. I mean, come on, relaxation! So much more intimate then the more well known/commercial blow out places. Bilgah takes the time to customize the experience to your hair as well.

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She walked me through her Neuma hair products and told me about some of her other favorite vegan/organic/non toxic beauty products that she uses at home as well. If there’s anything you want to know in this category, she’s your gal.

I was a little skeptical as to if the products would really clean my hair and hold a good curl.

Bilgah did her thing while I peppered her with questions about her fav essential oils and clean makeup brands. Always learning!


I loved the blow out! I mean…you’ve seen the pics! The products definitely did the job and made my hair smell amazing too.

Non toxic & organic products not only hold up but make your hair feel so healthy! Plus, I felt really good about using products I knew were free from chemicals.

If you’re in the Atlanta area you need Bilgah in your life! You can experience her spa-like salon or she can bring her services to you, in home.

Her goal is for everyone that comes in to just relax for an hour and really take that time to #treat themselves! I totally LOVE that mindset, you know I’m obsessed with self care.

If you’re the Atlanta area and want to try a sustainable & non toxic blow out I highly suggest Bilgah Moka Salon!

Use code NUTMEG26 for $15 off your blowout!! You’re gonna love it. Tag me in your pics so I can see how cute your hair turned out.






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My Healthy Morning Routine

My healthy and holistic morning routing that sets up my day!

My morning routine is sacred!

In college I started waking up early so I could have some time before class to relax and restore for the day ahead. This routine really stuck!

I feel so bright and clear minded in the morning, so I take extra time to utilize those moments wisely. I’m pretty good at utilizing my time efficiently, but that is a practiced skill.

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I know some of you might be thinking, ‘Wow this chick is insane for waking up earlier than necessary!’ But, I like to start my day with the right intentions so the rest of the day will follow suit.

On the weekends I let myself sleep in, so I’ll let you in on my week day morning routine.

Here are the deets:

5:45 a.m. My alarm goes off and I groan. Then I get my butt up, brush my teeth, change and drive to my morning workout. Depending on the day that’s spin or weight training.

A good tip is to put out your workout clothes the night before because at 5:45 a.m. there can be so many excuses not to get up and go.

*I usually take Friday’s off or take a walk before work. This past Friday I used my working walk to the grocery store and get some spinach for my smoothie, productivity at it’s finest!

6:50 a.m. Get back home to shower. During this time I get ready and drink my warm lemon water. All while listening to some bomb podcasts. (I’m obsessed)

7:30 a.m. Food time, best time! I pack my lunch & snacks for the day and refuel with a post workout #Fab4Smoothie and a coffee.

I also take my supplements! I have them in a little old lady pill jar with the days of the week and all…Don’t judge!!

These are just what I take, so keep that in mind.

Biotin: Healthy hair, skin, nails

Probiotic: All about that gut health, baby!

Multivitamin: Just because you know, I’m so #health

Digestive Enzymes: Help the body break down food properly. Gut health is the key to life!

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I usually eat and chug my coffee while watching some YouTube videos.

7:50 a.m. Time to get a little work done and write out my to-do list for the day.  Hello Type A once again. If I don’t write things down, it’s like they never existed in my memory…So I’m big on lists.

8:10 a.m. Say goodbye to Patrick, who is usually still sleeping in bed, and head off to work!

I’m obsessed with my morning routine because I get so much done before most people are even up! That accomplishment fuels the rest of my day.

What’s your morning routine like?

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Choosing Happiness

My road to choosing happiness and ending my pity party.

Everyone always says “happiness is a choice.”

*Eye roll*

Until recently I literally thought these people were off their rockers. They never had to deal with anything in their lives and that’s why they could say that. Basically accusing me of “choosing to be sad!”


“I can’t control my feelings.”

“I’m so sad and can’t stop crying.”

“I feel depressed and can’t even imagine what happy feels like right now.”

All things thought by me…probably multiple times along with much worse. One wrong move would send my whole day south.


Recently, what I’ve come to learn is that what you put out into the world is what you get back. (The universe or something like that?)

Everyday we all have the choice to wake up and decide if we are going to have a good day or a bad one.

Now, I consciously choose to have good days!!

Don’t get me wrong, life ain’t easy, but I do what I can.


Instead of feeling sorry for myself, now I think ‘how can I improve this situation?’

Instead of thinking the world has it out for me when I fail, I choose to think of new ways to succeed.

Gone are the days where I have a bad moment and then have a bad rest of the day! Bye, girl!


Why waste your life living in a constant state of numbness just waiting for the next mini disaster? I think we all can feel comfortable in negativity sometimes. It’s so much easier to just slip into that depressed state. But that is no way to live a fulfilling life!

Replace your negative self talk with positivity and your life will change.

I choose joy.

Every day I choose to make the best out of the situations thrown at me.

I choose happiness.




My Top Simple Wellness Tips

Hey peeps! 

Here are some of my fav simple tips to make your day just a dash healthier.

Fats, fats and more fats

I used to be so scared of fats and oils! To me, fat in equaled fat on.

All of a sudden I kept seeing all of my favorite wellness Instagramers using ghee on everything, eating ½ an avocado at a time and making Bulletproof coffee every day. So, I decided to do research and eventually tried incorporating more fats into my diet.

Since I changed that mindset of fat being “bad” and eating more healthy fats,  I started noticing my body really transform.

Now, I am fuller for longer and this is big for me because I’m a huge snacker!




I was always the girl in the gym who would workout and somehow barely sweat. And when you’re working your tail off it’s pretty frustrating.

Then I started experimenting with HIIT because, like I said, I love to play around in the gym and try new things.

HIIT is one of the only workouts that get me sweating like crazy! Plus, you don’t have to be in the gym for hours on end (such a plus). Getting a killer workout in just 30 mins is the best feeling ever.

HIIT is another reason my body started to change. Getting my heart rate up and constantly shocking my body with new moves really works for me. Love it!



Bringing your lunch

A tip for your body and wallet!

When you don’t pack your lunch for the office or school, you might have the best intentions to choose a healthy option, but peer pressure is a real thing. Often times spur of the moment choices are not the best for us.

I love to bring my lunch so I can have complete control over what I’m putting in my body and don’t have ragrets.

Warm lemon water

What an amazing way to start the day. I warm up a mug full of water and squeeze a ½ lemon every single morning, no matter what. For me, this takes precedent over coffee. Psycho? Maybe.

Side note – I should probably invest in a lemon squeezer but somehow I can’t bring myself to spend the $10.

Warm lemon water gets your metabolism & digestion going right when you wake up. I’ll try basically anything to aid my digestion. My morning cocktail flushes the digestive system and rehydrates the body and I feel more flat, which doesn’t hurt!

You’re hydrated, you’re doing good for your body, you’re glowing!


Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard! That is what A Dash of nutMeg is all about!

Making small changes and implementing little tips and tricks will add up over time.

Keep it simple and consistent. You’ve got this!!


Share your fav simple health tips with me in the comment section, I’d love to hear from you!

Why I Journal

Why I journal and the feelings it evokes.


I absolutely love to journal!

I make it a priority to set aside time at least twice a week to do it. If I don’t, it’ll totally slip my mind. Just one of those things I have to put on my calendar.

When I journal I let my stream of consciousness flow out of me. It feels so good to let go and not hold back with my feelings.

It’s a time when I feel connected with myself and grounded in my emotions. I work out problems, write down my dreams and think about how I can improve in different areas of my life. (I’m huge on self improvement!)

Why I journal?

To get my truest feelings to the forefront of my mind. From there, I know what I should be working on.

I choose to do self work in multiple ways every day. Why? Because I’m worth it!

Do you journal? If not, why?

Who is nutMeg?

Welcome to A Dash of nutMeg!

Who is she?

Welcome to my site!! Wow, I can’t believe I’m even typing this out…

I have kind of always dreamed about sharing my thoughts and life with others but I never knew what the right platform was for me.

For the longest time I didn’t want to blog because every other basic bitch seems to have one. And if I have one goal in life, it’s to NOT be basic. Yet, here I am. But don’t worry I know you’ll love my stuff.

Health & wellness are my 2 biggest passions in life and I felt called to start sharing. I want to make it easy for my friends and whomever I reach to implement simple tips and tricks to make their days just a dash healthier.

nutMeg? Yes, hunny! I love to cook (hence the spice) and people call me Meg.

Tell me what you want to talk about!