5 Mins a Day: Stretch It Out

Stretching is one thing that hasn’t been a part of my wellness routine for a while! UGH I know, horrible!

I grew up as a dancer so stretching was always a part of my daily routine. I would stretch before class, after and at home to improve flexibility. Once I started college and stopped dancing/cheer, stretching became less important for me. No need to break out a toe touch.

I would do a quick quad stretch after hitting up the gym but didn’t really think about it too much. It wasn’t until recently when I started working out more intensely that I was reminded of the importance of stretching.

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I was getting cramps all of the time and my muscles were so sore! Like not normal. I had to make a mental note to actually stay and stretch for at least 5 mins after my workout to prevent some soreness. Some if just unavoidable!

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Also, I got the opportunity to try out Motion Stretch, a professional stretching studio. Who knew that was even a thing!? They basically lay you down on a table and work on your muscles through different stretches and by pushing into the muscles. I loved it because they focus on the whole body, not just a specific muscle group (although during intake they ask if you have any specific injuries/pain they should focus on). Stretching with a professional can help prevent injury (my biggest fear) and increases elasticity. However, I will say it was very intense. I’m not sure if it’s because I have a low pain tolerance or I was just super tight. Probably both!

They told me a lot of their clients are athletes or people that just like to workout like me, but some of their clients are 9-5’ers who experience neck/back pain. So, they can help with a variety of clients.


Before I left they encouraged me to stretch at home and walked me through how that should look. What I took away- make sure your body is warmed up and start from the bottom up. So, start with calves, move up to quads, biceps/triceps, neck. You get it!

I’m really going to try and do this for at least 5 mins a day, just to feel less tight and prevent soreness.

If you want to try Motion Stretch, they have a ton of locations!

P.S. Your first stretch is free!!






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