Why I Write “The Morning Pages”

Why I Started “The Morning Pages”

My morning routine is sacred. It is by far my favorite part of the day. Wake up, open the blinds, workout, get ready and have some alone time before the craziness begins. Now my morning routine, no matter what, includes The Morning Pages.

So, what the heck are The Morning Pages?Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

This idea comes from the book The Artist’s Way, which admittedly I have not read. The Morning Pages are three pages of stream of consciousness writing. Every. Single. Morning.

They don’t have to be organized in any way, or about a specific topic. They are more of a brain dump. I’ve always been a journal-er but in the past it was just a way for me to express my personal feelings, not to spark ideas.

Meant to inspire creativity and move through a block, I think The Morning Pages can be beneficial for everyone. It is kinda like thinking through your day before actually jump in.


The first day I wasn’t really sure where the writing exercise would bring me and I kinda just wrote a stream of consciousness about how I was feeling that day. Through the next couple of days I got more used to writing the three pages and found I was inspiring myself. I thought of blog ideas, worked through feelings and gave myself props for what I had accomplished and that felt good. I really make an effort to to be negative when writing them to start my day on the right foot.IMG_3070.jpg

Now I can’t go a day without The Morning Pages. I am a habits driven person for sure which keeps me accountable. I like a structure, ok?

Only one rule: Write three pages every day.

I challenge you to try it and see what ideas spark!




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