Up Your Snacking Game

It’s time to up your snacking game!

I recently partnered with Wasa to try out their new Gluten free crisp breads and I wanted you guys to know that all opinions are my own! I’d never want to lead you down the wrong (or not tasty) path.


Anyways–I’ve mentioned before that I’m a recovering snack-aholic but sometimes I just need a crunch. My favorite snacks are simple, delicious and healthy. I mean can you ask for more?

What I love about Wasa is that the crackers are a blank canvas and are the perfect vehicle for adding fun toppings. Here are 3 different snack options I came up with:


  1. Tuna
    1. Mix tuna with spicy brown mustard & Primal Kitchen mayo
    2. Top with cherry tomatoes
  2. Honey + Fruit
    1. Drizzle honey
    2. Top with your fav fruit of the moment
  3. Hummas
    1. I used Hope hummus but just spread your fav on top


My fav was the honey and strawberries. What a PERFECT summer snack!

I can’t wait to try more of their flavors because these were so good! Sometimes gluten free can taste like cardboard, not gonna lie, but I really liked these. I’ll definitely be sharing these recipes with my friends at some summer parties we have coming up.

Check your local Whole Foods or Publix to pick them up! I’d love to see what recipe creations you came up with too 🙂




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