What’s In My Gym Bag

The age old question…

But let’s start with what kind of gym bag I have. I actually did a lot of research to find the perfect gym bag for me. I wanted something on the smaller side and something to take to work with me (aka kinda cute).

Sarah Wisted Photography

After many google searches I decided Lululemon would be the best option of me. Sites like Dick’s or Nike only had intense duffles and Nordstrom was a little above the budget.

I found this adorable black backpack on sale and went to try it out in store! It did cost me about $70 but for how much I knew I would use it, I justified.


Now, onto the fun part. What’s in my bag!

  • Workout Clothes

Duh! Every time I pack I double check I have: Leggings, sports bar, tank top, socks and shoes. The basics.

  • Workout Gloves

I really did not want to get these….I felt like I was going to look so lame! After working out with a personal trainer I decided I needed them!! My hands get so scraped up from lifting weights and using the equipment. So now I include these because I need to keep my hands looking fresh!

  • Pilates Socks

I keep these in my bag with me because I’m too afraid to forget them! I like to keep them in there because my schedule changes so much and I never want to be without on a megaformer.

  • Headphones

No brainer.

  • Makeup wipes

A lot of the time I run to a class after work and need to be on the go- go- go. Also, there is nothing I hate more then working out with makeup on..I feel so gross! Clogged pores? No thank you! These are so easy and take my makeup off in 2 seconds. I like to go with a more natural brand and not use harsh chemicals on my skin. Would you guys be interested in learning more about that? Let me know!

  • Hair ties

Again, I’m paranoid I’ll forget, we’ve all been there. So, I probably have 3 in my bag at all times.

  • Goodwipes

Goodwipes are body wipes that are perfect for if you have to go straight from a sweaty workout to run errands or meet a friend. They are just big enough to get the important parts and get you smelling fresh when you’re on the go! So important for someone like me that is always bouncing around town.

And no…I do not carry deodorant with me! Cutting the long story short, I don’t wear DO to the gym. I mean if I’m going to smell anyways there is no point in putting it on, right? Plus, I’m into the whole “non-toxic” DO for health reasons.

  • Hand Sanitizer

Being in a gym with other sweaty & gross people brings out the germaphobe in me! Again, I like to use natural brands when I can, that’s why I love this one!


Am I missing anything? What’s in yours?






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