Why I Use Natural Deodorant

“Natural deodorant? So, do you smell…?”

Photo from Fresh Mommy Blog
Photo from Fresh Mommy Blog

I’m no doctor but I do know that conventional deodorants are filled with chemicals and aluminum. Putting that stuff on your pits (aka clogging up your pores) and not allowing you to sweat is a no-no.

Honesty hour- I have had a deodorant journey…as weird as it sounds. During puberty I was over producing sweat under my pits and tried antiperspirant to stop sweating so much. This was something that made me super self conscious. Luckily, I grew out of it and could get by with using Secret for years.

About a year ago when I started to learn more about natural beauty products, I decided to try a natural DO for the first time. I had done some reading and did not like what I found. I keep thinking, ‘Why are we all putting a chemical barrier over a part of our bodies that should naturally be releasing toxins?’

So- from there I bough my first natural DO! I decided to use it every other day, swapping it with Secret so my body could get used to it. After about 2 weeks I went all in. Soon I discovered I had this weird rash under my arms, caused by the natural DO. A lot of these products have baking soda in them and I think thats what did me in.

I was ashamed of my rash and quickly discarded the deodorant and haven’t tried a new one until recently… I know, such a long time!

I picked up Tom’s at Whole Foods and have really been enjoying it! I have been reapplying after about 8 hours of wear. This should decrease over time, too. Moral of the story, it might take a few tries to get a natural DO that works for you.


Do you wear natural DO?




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