My Project Comeback

The post wedding bod is real! This is my comeback.

The post wedding bod is real! Prior to my wedding, I dieted down to look fab in my dress and in a bikini for the honeymoon. Once the dress was off and I was in Mexico, I went a little overboard in the other direction…

I treated myself: margaritas, lots of chips & guac and dessert! One night I felt so sick from all of the greasy food I couldn’t get out of bed. My body just wasn’t used to all the crap! Whoops. 

Processed With Darkroom Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
Probably the only healthy meal I ate in Mexico!

Ok, so maybe I went a little overboard, hence the intense stomach ache…

For once in my life I legitimately did not care about the calories I was eating or concerned about making it to the gym. It was a break I didn’t even know I needed.

For months and months leading up to the wedding I had been thinking about every single thing I ate and drank. I was mentally maxed out and needed some time to chill with the dieting.

Fast forward to now. Back to the 9-5 job and back on my health/wellness grind.

After the honeymoon, I didn’t jump right into working out 5X a week. I started off slow for about a week or so. Going on walks, doing simple body weight exercises and slowly getting back into a routine. I didn’t dive back in because, honestly, I didn’t have the motivation.

Now, about 2 weeks post honeymoon I am back into my routine. What really pushed me was that my jeans were getting a little too tight! Thats when you know you’ve gotta turn it around…

ClassPass is in full swing and I’m back to eating healthy meals as well.

Another thing that has helped me on my Project Comeback is getting back into my healthy morning routine. So doing simple things like, drinking water before coffee and taking my multi-vitamin. This sets up my whole day to be successful and puts me into a more healthy mindset!

Having a routine is important because when you need a mental or physical break from the gym you have healthy habits to jump back into.


I wanted to share the beginning of my project comeback after my wedding & honeymoon  to be real with you guys. I’m not perfect. After my vacation I couldn’t get back into my routine so quickly, and thats ok. Taking a mental break from dieting is important and moving more towards a balanced life is now my goal.




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