Holistic Winter Remedies

I swear I’ve never seen this many people get sick. Here are some of my fav holistic Winter remedies.

I swear I’ve never seen this many people get sick. This Winter has been so insane and almost everyone I know, including myself, has been affected.

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I have been trying to incorporate more holistic and natural remedies into my life and my recent cold has been no acceptation.

Thanks to my wellness BFF, Abigail , I got some great recommendations for how to beat my cold naturally. Also, all the products I used are linked below and can be found on iHerb or your local health food store.


To my surprise, apparently a lot of people use this to beat a cold. I picked it up at my local grocery store, Sprouts. Echinacea is widely used to combat flu and cold symptoms. I took 3 capsules in the morning for about a week and since then I have been symptom free! This was the main medication I chose to help beat my cold, they really did the trick.

Image result for echinaceaElderberry Lozenges

These I found after doing a little research I found out about these as an alternative to traditional throat lozenges, plus they have Zinc. Elderberry is known to help combat the flu and boost your immune system. I have one in the morning with breakfast.


Vitamin C

Hello! Remember your mom telling you to drink orange juice when you were sick? I know mine did…hi mom!

Now that I’m older and want a more concentrated dose of vitamin C (plus no sugar from juice), I take vitamin C pills or Emergen C. Start incorporating  this right when you start to feel slightly off because supplementing with vitamin C while you are sick will have less of an effect.

Image result for emergen c

Using holistic and natural remedies, without synthetic ingredients, will help your bodies natural “cold-fighting” processes function more affectively. Plus, no harmful side effects either. Of course, there is a time an a place for a Z-pack but I highly recommend at least trying some of these more natural remedies.

Let me know in the comments if you use any natural products that I should try!




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