My December Intentions

Helllooo December! In my mind, it’s officially Christmas.

But, what’s life without goals? I love to have intentions for each month and even every week. December counts people, it’s not 2018 yet.

I was inspired by Jordan Younger,of The Balanced Blonde, because she always posts her intentions on Insta and they usually resonate with me. So a couple of months ago I started to do the same!

I love to write them down because it sticks in my mind more rather then just half ass-ly (did I just invent a word?) thinking about them.

My main focus this month is to be more present overall. I wrote about that in my Thanksgiving/Holiday post earlier in November. But I’m such a type-A person that I needed more concrete things to focus on as well…


Donate & Declutter

Even though I just moved into my apt in May, I feel like I have junk around the house that needs to go. So, I’m gonna kill 2 birds with 1 stone and declutter and donate those things at GoodWill.

Adding Fiber To My Diet

I just listened to a podcast on the F-Factor diet and the importance of fiber for healthy living and weight loss. I’m not trying to drop 50lbs but I do want to tone up before my wedding in March. I’m going to try and increase my fiber to feel more full, snack less and clean me out (TMI? Oh well)!

Soak In The Love

Like I mentioned in my last post I’m going to try and focus on friends and family during this hectic month. Life can get overwhelming so easily and I want to try and keep my mind clear and focused on the important things in life.

Find My Routine

This past month my exercise routine has kinda gone out the window. I used to be an avid 6:00 a.m. exerciser but lately I cannot for the life of me wake up that early! In the afternoon my motivation is lower but I’m going to try and get back into a regular groove at the gym.

This intention is going to be super important because we all know that weight tends to creep on during the holidays, naturally. And I’m not gonna deprive myself of my (future) mother-in-laws Christmas cookies but I’m just gonna make sure to not neglect my fitness goals as well.



I want to know your December intentions! Leave them in the comments below 🙂