No Shame November. My Movement.

No Shame November. My movement.

Image 10-31-17 at 9.39 PM (1)No shame November.

This idea came to me when talking about the more well known November challenge, No Shave November, with some of my co-workers.

I thought, wow, what a concept! A month dedicated to living your truth, no matter the judgements.

I try and live this way as much as I can but I do hold some things back. And, I know when some of my friends confide in me about who they truly are and they are afraid to share that with the world, it really hurts me. Of course, in some circumstances this is necessary, but why are we so scared to be ourselves?

Why am I scared to suggest a certain movie in fear that the group will reject it? Why am I scared to suggest going to a healthy restaurant when everyone else is on board for McDonalds? Why don’t I shop at Goodwill, fear of being perceived as “lesser?”

This month, I’m deciding to live with no shame!

My true form. Kale queen. 

So what I want to go out to eat somewhere healthy? I’ve got goals, people!

And what if I don’t want to go out with my friends one night? Sometimes I need time to myself.

Choosing to go to a party sober instead of drinking with everyone else? Yep, because I’ve got an early morning spin class I really want to go to.

Don’t be afraid to be yourself, whatever that means to you!

If you’re a guy and want to wear heels out to the bar, dammit you rock them!

Want to join poetry club but none of your friends know you love it yet? Join and let your talents shine!

You get the point?

This month, I’m challenging you to No Shame November and to live your truth!! Personally, I’m going to try and be more open with the people in my life about my love for health & wellness. I sometimes try and play it down, but, honestly, it’s my passion and I should share it with them! I’ll admit it, I’m that girl who brings salads to work everyday, goes to 2 different grocery stores to buy organic meat and probably follows every fitness studio in ATL on Instagram. That’s me…no shame

I’ll be using #NoShameNovember on social media and I hope to see you doing the same.




7 thoughts on “No Shame November. My Movement.”

  1. Haha, I totally get you on the down-playing your passion for health and wellness! It’s actually super hard to be the party pooper who doesn’t want to share the oreos. But worth it in the long run!

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