Monday’s Don’t Have to Suck…I Promise

Monday’s don’t have to suck…I promise!

Mondays get a bad rap. If you’re reading this you probably hate them.

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Maybe I’m just a weirdo (once again) who goes against this “social norm.” I swear it’s been conditioned in us to just hate the word Monday. What did Monday ever do to you??

I get it, work probably sucks and weekends are your havens. But, like clock work, Sunday comes and everyone seems to get overwhelmed with anxiety about the coming day.

Personally, I’m not going to ruin a day with anxiety about something I can’t even control. Monday is going to come either way, I’m sorry to tell ya.


Monday is just another day, stop dwelling on it!

Here are some tips to make your Monday’s just little brighter:

Prepare on Sunday

The worst part about Monday, to me, is feeling lost on what you need to get done during the week. Plan it out Sunday! Reduce that stress!

Make mornings awesome

What makes you get out of bed in the morning? What ever it is, CHERISH that thing Monday mornings! My smoothies & morning routine truly make me want to jump out of bed! What is that for you? Coffee, a morning show, working out, extra cuddles with your dog? If you don’t know what it is yet, thats ok! Find that thing!

Processed with VSCO with g3 preset*A breakfast I made for Patrick that got him right out of bed!!*

Schedule something fun

Make Monday’s the best day of your week by putting something on your calendar to look forward to. Maybe for you thats treating yourself to a manicure, grabbing lunch with a friend, or going to the movies with your partner. I love to go to a spin class with my fav instructor every Monday!


Remember it’s just another day

What’s so different about Monday’s? Yeah it’s not the weekend anymore, but if you dread going back to work or school that much, I think there is a bigger issue there. If you hate what you do everyday, start to make a change. And I know thats easier said then done but start making small changes to make that goal possible.


Try to remember:

Monday is just another day.

It’s all about your attitude and how you choose to feel that day.

Choose happiness and positivity.

Be in love with every moment of your life – regardless of which day of the week it is!


Hope this article gave you some ~positive vibes~ for the week ahead and your Mondays to come.




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