I Am So Over Everyone Glorifying Lazy Culture

I’m over our culture glorifying laziness.

If I see one more tweet like “Binge watching Netflix to avoid all responsibilities!!” I think I’m gonna scream! Why do people glorify these statements? I rather praise someone for making it to the gym after a long and stressful day at work. But I guess that’s not so #relatable…

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It makes me sad to see people wasting hours of their days on mindless things and then later complaining about how stressed they are because of their mile long to-do lists.

I get a lot of questions on how I find the time to workout, cook, have a full time job, blog and be in a relationship. Well I have the answer people…

Utilize your time wisely.

24 hours

Sorry to be basic with the quote (yet again) but it’s true! My life shifted when I got off my ass and started using all of my time productively.

Ask yourself-– What are you getting done before work? What about after? Are you wasting your weekends by “recovering” from the stressful week you just had? Do you feel like you have no time for your passions?

These are hard questions to answer, especially after we recognize how much time we are wasting by avoiding all responsibilities.

Personally I do a couple things everyday to optimize my time.

Workout before work

Get it in before the sun comes up! You’ll have one HUGE task checked off your to-do list before you even really begin the day. Stop complaining about waking up early and just do it already.

Prioritize your day

One of the best pieces of advice I ever got was to stop making my to-do list so damn long! I used to just write down everything and try to do it all in one day. Of course I couldn’t do it… who could?! This left me feeling anxious and like I didn’t get anything accomplished. It’s more important for your mental health and productivity to focus on a few things.

Lunch and learn

I try to listen to podcasts during my lunch break. This is a time for me to disconnect from work and learn a thing or two as well. Productivity at it’s finest, ladies.

Get it in after work

The worst thing you can do is come home from work and just plop onto the couch. (Trust me I know it’s tempting.) Use this time to work on your side hustle, spend quality time with your partner, or get the chores done that you’ve been avoiding for a week. I love to plan out my nights so I can resist the urge to fall down the Netflix trap.

Use your weekends wisely

Stress has such a tight grip on all of us, so weekends should be for relaxing! I also set aside time to get ahead of the week. For me, I get some housework done, grocery shop, meal prep and work on the blog. It’s all about finding the balance that works right for you.


I hope these tips will help you to find more time in your day for your passions and motivate you to be more productive! Let’s end this trend of glorifying laziness and get productive!




4 thoughts on “I Am So Over Everyone Glorifying Lazy Culture”

  1. You inspired me, Meg! I walk every day but have put off incorporating another very necessary part of my fitness….yoga, weights, and palates into my daily routine. Until now! I’m an all or nothing kind of gal and I was reluctant to start, thinking I wouldn’t be able to fit it all in when I start working again in September. I do get up early every day but fill that time before work with chores and other responsibilities. I realize that I just have to make this time sacred for my health. My new plan will consist of 30 minutes every morning. Mondays and Fridays weights. Tuesdays and Thursdays yoga and Pilates on Wednesdays. Thanks for the push!!


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